4 Rivers Resilient
Forest Collaborative

Moving together toward a forested future

Connected to our landscape and each other

4 Rivers Resilient Forest Collaborative is a community stakeholder group located in the San Juan Mountains of Colorado. As our name implies, our group is connected to our geography — the Animas, Pine, Florida, and La Plata Rivers.

We serve our stakeholders in an inclusive and consistent manner by providing important forest and water related updates, highlighting and celebrating accomplishments, and creating a forum to share perspectives, interests, and challenges. Most importantly, we work together to protect and support our drinking water, wildlife, recreation opportunities, and local economies through improving and sustaining forest health.


Our Work

Our Geography

Our Partners

Impact on a regional scale

4 Rivers is part of the Southwest Colorado Collaborative Forest Landscape Restoration (CFLR) project, which covers 3 million acres. This is a 10-year project aimed at supporting forests, water resources, and livelihoods. Without 4 Rivers’ dedication to collaborative discussion and action, the Southwest CO CFLR would not exist. It is a shared endeavor between regional collaborative groups and the US Forest Service.

4 Rivers is honored to take part in this ambitious project, connecting our local knowledge and needs with the greater goals of Southwest Colorado.

Everything is connected — the trees and the soil, the soil and the animals, even fire and our water resources. Acknowledging those connections is the first step toward protecting what we hold most dear.

— Anthony Culpepper, 4 Rivers coordinator​

Imagine a world with…

Clean Water

Clean enough to drink and swim. Clean enough for fish and bugs. Clean enough for plants and animals. Water quality is directly tied to the health of our forests.

Abundant Wildlife

The habitat of our wildlife is precious and vulnerable. Creating enough space for recreation and wildlife is no easy task, not to mention the health of forested ecosystems.

Thriving Communities

Our enjoyment of our outdoor spaces, our safety, and our health are rely on the places we live and how we care for them.

Let’s make it real!

In many ways, we are living in such a place. In other ways, we are not. The four rivers that define our collaborative’s boundaries have complex issues and incredible opportunities. Let’s preserve what we love and improve what we can.

Each of us has a responsibility.

We all have a shared responsibility to our surroundings. Each of us has the ability to make a difference by choosing to be good stewards of our land and water. At the same time, we acknowledge that individual action is not enough by itself, which is why we’re also working on action at the federal, state, county, and municipal level.

Fire plays a important role.

Fire is not inherently bad. Having our environment reflect our values requires the presence of fire — not catastrophic fire like we’ve experienced in recent years, but more regular, characteristic fire. The forest and surrounding ecosystems have evolved alongside fire, not without it. That means we have to do our part to live alongside it as well, safely and resiliently.

Learn what you can do.

4 Rivers is developing information and resources to help all of us do our part. Check back soon for more information.